Barbara Ludlow’s Greenwich (1)

Alan has a question:

“I have just purchased a copy of Barbara Ludlow’s Greenwich and was most interested in a photo on p 127. I’ve tried contacting the publishers but they say they are no longer in contact with her (wonder where the royalties go?) so Ill try you.

My question is the identity of the unnamed coachman in the photo. Is there more info available, where is the original photo etc, indeed is Ms Ludlow still around?”

The Phantom replies:

You’ve caught me on the hop, Alan. I had hoped that Santa would bring be this book, which appeared just before Christmas, but there must have been a hole in his sack, which means that I haven’t actually got round to reading it yet.

I’m guessing this is a reprint and, regarding the aside about royalties, that it was one of those ghastly rights-grab buyout jobs. It’s possible she doesn’t even know her book has been reprinted.

I understand that Ms Ludlow now lives somewhere on the south coast, but I confess I’ve never met her. Perhaps someone reading this might know some answers to Alan’s questions, though?

Just in case any of you want to add to NPI’s coffers (clearly not Ms Ludlow’s though, if they’re not in contact with her) here is the link to the book we’re talking about:

3 Comments to “Barbara Ludlow’s Greenwich (1)”

  1. Deborah says:

    The 1911 census has the following people residing at the stables of 14 Vanbrugh Park:

    John Henry Judd, 24, coachman (domestic, wife Kate Judd, 26, son John Duffield Judd,1 and boarder Albert George Champion/Clampion(?), 21, groom.

  2. Deborah says:

    ps. I understand that Barbara Ludlow used to work for the Greenwich Heritage Centre but has now retired to the coast.

  3. Deborah says:

    A bit more. The groom was Albert George CLAMPIN, born 1889 in Wakes Colne, Essex. His father was a horseman on a farm. The caption in Barbara Ludlow’s book states that the shorter of the two men was John Judd, but looking at the picture, the coachman appears to be the taller with the shorter one being the groom.

    I should also mention (for legal purposes) that census information is Crown Copyright and make particular reference to the copyright of brightsolid ltd in relation to the 1911 Census.

    Let me know if you would like any further information about the inhabitants of 14 Vanbrugh Park.