Putting the Green in Greenwich

Anyone know what the latest filming extravaganza down at the ORNC is?

Dazza asked the workmen who were building this ‘claustrophobic little alleyway’ but they just shrugged their shoulders and didn’t answer.
The one setting we can guarantee it won’t be, with this amount of green-screening, is Greenwich itself. Greenwich must be in half the movies made, the amount of filming that goes on – but it never actually gets to be – well, Greenwich. I’m guessing that someone’s setting something somewhere that doesn’t have a river and is going to CGI-in the appropriate background, ’cause it’s cheaper than going to the proper place.
If you could uproot Greenwich and plonk it down in another environment, where you you put it? The wild west? The moon? The rainforest? I bet we can think of a better setting for it than the film makers…

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