Nevada Street Deli

This one has really crept up on me.

I confess I was a bit ho-hum about the whole thing when this place first arrived. Another ‘deli,’ another cafe. And I was still smarting at the demise of the old junk shop which I used to love. To be honest I didn’t bother going in at all.

But after a sudden caffeine craving whilst walking in the park when I just rushed to the first place that would sell me a coffee, in the past few weeks I’ve found myself going in more and more. The first time was, of course, just that sad dash for coffee – but the service was so very friendly and the coffee really not bad (not quite up to Beehive standards, but still good) that I found myself going in more often.

It’s fresh and clean-looking, with cream walls and scrubbed wooden tables. There’s a good selection of chilled deli stuff (at first I thought it was one of those ‘delis’ that are really just cafes and hardly have any goods in them, but it’s deceptive) meats and pies (with really good pastry) salads and pates. They sell bread by the loaf, half-loaf or quarter (though you’d get a lot of crust if you just bought a quarter) and there are a few token dry goods – not a great selection, but I’d guess they’re short of space.

I’ve eaten in there several times now. The food is always really tasty, there’s lots of it and it’s served with a friendliness that’s very becoming. And there are always lots of newspapers around so I have something to read.

The website’s not much cop, but at least has contact details (if not opening hours.) The Phantom is happy to eat Humble Pie in this instance and say that this place is rapidly becoming a Favourite Haunt.

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