Selling Up…

…buying down.

Jonathan’s considering the unthinkable. Leaving.

“I am looking at selling my flat in Greenwich at the Anchor Iron Wharf development to move in with my partner who lives in Sydenham. Not the best time to sell, I know, and if my flat was bigger we would probably moving here.”

(Is it really that small? I know you’re young and in love – but – hell – this is Greenwich…TGP)

“Now, I know nothing about estate agents having never sold a property before and having bought my property (initially) through a key worker, part-buy, part rent deal, so I was wondering if you could ask your readership for any recommendations based upon past experiences with local estate agents? Can you help?”

The Phantom replies:

I’m not sure I should be helping you with this, J – but I guess that when True Love beckons, even Sydenham doesn’t seem so bad.

But to Estate Agents. I don’t like to recommend any of them, frankly, but if you’ve got to use one, I’d say stay local – they specialise and know the area. The only truly local one left, now that James Johnston have gone over to the Dark Side and joined a national, is John Payne (as far as I know – am I wrong on this?) They’re not all nice in there – one particularly snooty individual in a branch I won’t name took one look at me and told me there would be nothing in my price range (I hadn’t actually told her a price at that point…) but all the other people in the company bent over backwards to help and I think on the whole they are very good (as estate agents go…)

Of the others – and there seem to be utterly hundreds of them (including the very oily-named ‘Property Wealth’ – am I the only one that thinks that name sucks?) – I don’t really know. Perhaps everyone else can chip in here?

I shall be sorry to lose you, Jonathan…

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