Satellite Dishes

Dave has decided to get himself SKY HD – but he’s run into a problem…

“As my dish is located at the rear of the house (my area has a preservation order, so nothing on the front) the only access is over the roof.

It seems that Sky now have “Health & Safety” rules which prevents their engineers going on to roofs so I would like to know if any “Phantomites” know of a reliable installation company.”

The Phantom finds it mildly surprising that a company specialising in dishes that go on roofs won’t insure its employees to actually install them on one, but perhaps that shows more about the society we live in these days. (bring back the child chimney sweeps, that’s what I say…)

I asked a pal who has just had an aerial installed where they went to and for the life of them they can’t remember (though the most ringing endorsement they had for the company was “Well, it hasn’t fallen down yet…” so perhaps you can do better.)

So I’m opening this one out to the floor. Have you had an aerial (or SKY dish) fitted recently? I know that erecting them in this area is often quite a bugger as we’re the ‘wrong’ side of Greenwich Hill, so in order to get a clear signal from Crystal Palace, we need to have aerials almost as tall as the mast itself, so anyone who regularly works in this area must know how to secure things pretty darn well.

Happy HD Dave…

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