Roll Up, Roll Up – Get Your Olympic Consultation Tickets Here!

For those of you who have been a bit alarmed by the seeming inability of LoCOG to get their story straight (so are those trees’ lower branches for the chop or not, then..?) then the Public meeting to discuss all Olympic and Paralympic activity in the borough between 7pm-9pm on Thursday 4th December is a bit of a must.

It’s to be at the Indigo, at the O2 – which is, ironically, now the only one of the three original venues in Greenwich (and the only one that actually seemed suitable IMHO, being a purpose-built entertainments area with excellent public transport and infrastructure) not to be employed any more.

It’s a ticketed event, but the tickets are free. Lizzie wrote to get some and passed the link onto me. Because not all of you can get hyperlinks, here it is in full:

While we’re about it, if you missed Andrew Gilligan’s article about the KPMG findings last week, it’s worth taking a peek.

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