Pin Money

I guess I’m not the only Friend of the Cutty Sark who received one of these this week. It’s a little ‘thank you’ for Friends’ support in the preceeding months, from the Trust, given by way of an apology, they say, for ignoring us, not something I’d actually noticed. I’d assumed they had more pressing things on their minds than pacifying minor donors.

It’s quite a sweet little thing – a shiny star with a wavy outline that only slightly reminds me of a Soviet (or, strangely enough, American) military badge, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice gesture.
But should this be what they’re spending their money on at a time like this? I don’t know how much this cost – presumably not huge amounts – but personally I’d have been really rather happy to see them buy – oh, I don’t know, a plank or something, instead.
They’ve got most of the money they need to put them back on track for restoration after that terrible fire, but their website says they still need donations. So why are they sending us little lapel pins? To make us feel guilty and send more cash? I can’t help feeling that if this is what they’re spending it on, my donation has already been swallowed up.
I don’t feel, and haven’t felt, left out of the restoration process. We can always have more news – and the update newsletters are welcome – they both reassure us and recommit us. The viewing window will be a really great thing, once the tarps come off enough to actually reveal any work being done. But my first thoughts on receiving this little badge was ‘why?’
What do you think? Have you received one of these and thought the same thing? Or do you think it’s the least they can do for people who gave them money when they really needed it, and that I should just lighten up?

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