No Decisions Yet

Theresa has just directed me to Andrew Gilligan’s article in the Evening Standard from about a week ago, which reminds us that no decision has been formally made to hold the Equestrian events at Greenwich Park. It had always been said that it would be a mere formality for the London Olympic Board to rubber-stamp the siting of the games, but some members wanted more time to think about it.

They certainly can’t use the excuse that it was ‘promised’ to the IOC – after all, they’ve just moved the gymnastics, which would have been held at the O2, and which I was actually looking forward to (I’m not against holding events in Greenwich – just the inappropriate ones) to Wembley.

At least the London Olympic Board are now thinking long and hard over this. If that means that we still get the events, but LOCOG are forced to be extra careful and not to damage anything, then I will consider that a victory.

I don’t care about being called a scaremonger. I consider it the job of anyone who cares about the park to force those in charge of the Olympics to do the right thing and look to the future. Even if that future means that the legacy we’d get from the Olympics is literally nothing. Nothing damaged, nothing lost.

It’s important to keep talking about this – while the issue is current, then everyone – whether on the side of having the events at Greenwich or not, is thinking about it. And while everyone’s thinking about it, LOCOG will have to be at least seen to care.

For your delight and delectation, Phantom Good Friend Simon has created a calendar of ‘consultations’ about the events. Let’s hope that they’ll actually be taking opinions at these, as opposed to the Car-Free Day version…

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