LOCOG events

I’ve just found out about the ‘presence’ (their words, not mine) of LoCOG at the Pavillion Tea Rooms tomorrow (Friday 21st November) and Saturday. It’s too late to stick it in the Parish News and be sure it’s seen in time so it’s on the main blog.

To be honest timing seems a bit vague – I think it’s from 2pm but can’t be sure from what I’ve been sent.

What IS interesting is this, though:

“Greenwich Council are organising a public meeting to discuss all Olympic and Paralympic activity in the borough between 7pm-9pm on Thursday 4th December at the Indigo at the O2 Centre with Seb Coe, Cllr Chris Roberts, and a panel of experts to answer your queries. It is a ticketed event, but tickets are free, and they are obtainable from clare.chapman@greenwich.gov.uk tel 0208 921 6191.”

We need to keep up the pressure, guys. We’ll never be able to prove that the Olympic organisers would have been as careful as they could be without concerned groups and individuals forcing their hands but making as much noise as possible will hopefully bring enough attention to the issue that they will be obliged to do the right thing.

From what I heard yesterday on the news, they’re still determined to keep the equestrian events in the park. It’s our job to make it hard for them to mess up. To keep our eyes so firmly set upon those in charge that they don’t do sneaky things like setting up two companies – the first one to ‘deliver’ the Olympics, the second to ‘clear up afterwards’ (guess which one goes to the wall when they go over budget…) To make sure that Royal Parks don’t lose their nerve and cave in to pressure over heritage, envirnomental and cultural matters when dates get close and tempers get hot. To never let them get away with ANYTHING that will damage our park.

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