Lamp Posts (1)

Call me tragic. I’ve started realising just how fab our lamp posts are. Well – some of them, anyway. The ones that come from another time, when they weren’t just there to perform an illuminatory function, but to be decorative as well. I was wandering through the ORNC yesterday and it suddenly hit me, the sheer variety of the things. Some stand sentinel at entrances, others are simple columns with traditional Victorian-looking lanterns on top. Presumably most of them used to be gas lamps.

There are giant versions, just outside the Painted Hall and the Chapel, with massive bulbs inside them, and tiny curly iron ones that, despite their ornate styling, we walk past and hardly notice – like this sweet little lamp round the back, near the porter’s lodge in the car park.
There are those that light the two little fountains in the green bit just outside King Charles Block (the bit that used to be parade-ground) and discreet varieties lighting the inner courtyards, just dim enough to be frankly rather creepy at night.

And fab streetlights aren’t just found at the ORNC. Those lamps up Greenwich Church Street are fantastic – especially if you look at them from St Alfege’s churchyard, through the tree branches. Or in Gloucester Circus (they have curious little copper bits around them) – no wonder the place (or half of it, anyway) keeps being used in films. Or round by the gates to the park.
In fact, gates are a fantastic place to see good lamps. Here’s a rather fuzzy set I snapped in the fog last year, that lead to the Queen’s House. I did get a pic where there wasn’t a car going past, but I rather like the red lines in this one.

I’m highly intrigued by the gates that lead into the grounds of Devonport House – they have what looks suspiciously like old braziers in them. Surely not..?

No, you’re probably right – I’m just getting overexcited again. But you can’t beat a good brazier. Maybe I should start a Braziers For All campaign. The local herberts would love it…
I think I shall start an occasional series on street furniture. Contributions always gratefully accepted…

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