Ice Rink

Ann asks:

“Does anyone have any idea why the ice rink will not be making an appearance this year and will it be back next year?”

The Phantom replies:

You’re not alone in mourning the ice rink. There are lots of stories doing the rounds – ranging from falling out with the ice rink people, through the O2 (if you remember last year, the O2 had a rival rink – ironically, they’re not having one this year either – it’s going to be a ski slope) – someone even suggested that there were too many sad memories attached to it because of the loss of poor Josh Beasley last year (the ice rink was the last place he was seen…)

I don’t know the truth, but my money’s on the financial – that they didn’t get great ticket sales last year (it was a very wet winter and it got off to a bad start too, if I recall when something broke) and this Christmas is not going to be a vintage spend-fest for anyone. I also have the horrid feeling that they probably lost money on the fabulous but under-used Wheel this summer, a victim, I suspect, to transport problems, credit crunch and the bog-awful summer.

I will miss the ice rink greatly, myself – it was such a jolly addition to the ORNC and really announced the arrival of the festive season. I hope that this year is just a one off and that we’ll get it back in the future.

Does anyone know the real reason we’re not getting an ice rink this year?

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