Greenwich IMAX

I’ve just been invited to a launch screening at the new Greenwich IMAX next Thursday. I can’t go, of course – sadly the whole Anon business gets in the way of such freebies, but I thought you should know it’s coming.

The email I’ve been sent is annoyingly vague. They call it the Odeon Imax, so I’m assuming that it’s at the cylindrical wind tunnel next door to B&Q on the peninsula, but when I looked up the Odeon’s website all it said was that a new IMAX screen was coming – no details. They give no dates for it – save the actual launch screening .

Strangely, when I delved deeper, after the initial ‘it’s coming’ message I found, it suddenly appeared to have already launched – are they quietly testing it out at the moment? Maybe that email was sent to me from another dimension and they’ve had this for years. Have I been sleeping – a sort of Rip Van Phantom? I’ve asked the PR company to furnish me with more details. They probably won’t after I’ve been so rude about their email…

Well, folks. We can’t say we’re stuck for cinematic options. We have the largest screen in Europe at the O2 (don’t sit in the front row of the balcony though) we have the dear little Picturehouse, with its all-embracing screenings for everyone from screaming children through autistic people to the elderly and still has a truly personal, grown-up touch (I confess this is still the Phantom Choice – oh, and if you renew your membership via direct debit, they give you an extra three months on your membership at the moment…)

Sadly for me it also seems to be everyone else’s choice – when I called up to get a couple of tickets for the free screening next Sunday, they’d totally run out. Peter O’Toole+Snowy Picture In December+Free seems to be a winning combination.

But now we have an IMAX screen at the Odeon, which, frankly, needed something to make me want to go. It’s geographically closest to me, but the hoards of teenagers, the general racket in the actual screen(chatting, sweet wrappers, mobile phone conversations – why do these people bother paying to see the movie – they could do all that outside) and the desolate feel it has on a cold windy night means that it’s my last choice just now.

But an IMAX might just tempt me for the big movies. Apparently The Dark Knight was filmed in IMAX, and Harry Potter may or may not be 3D (they didn’t say whether they meant the last HP – or the next…) and if there’s extra, fun, gadgety bits on a film I deffo want to see them. It might have relieved the tedium of the last Batman – which could have comfortably lost an hour and still been wonderful.

I haven’t been back to the Odeon since the bloody awful Popcorn, which I only went to because it was set at – well, at the Odeon in Greenwich, actually. But I will give the IMAX a go, next time there’s a blockbuster that isn’t Madagascar II in town.

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