Car Mechanics Again

We’ve been here before, but sometime’s it’s worth revisiting. Alison has moved down from the North West where she’s been used to paying between £80 – £100 to have her car serviced and is a bit shocked at the quote she’s just had for £240. She’s wondering if anyone can recommend somewhere that’s good and not too pricey.

I’ve just had my car serviced and it cost me £236.30, which I’m afraid, Alison, I think is pretty much par for the course down here. Of course, it’s possible that I’m being ripped off, but the very fact that you’ve been quoted nearly the same amount as I’ve just paid makes me think it’s about right.

My mechanic is an old family friend and sadly isn’t taking any new customers on (not, I suspect, that you;d be particularly interested at that price…) – can anyone suggest any good people for Alison?

In the meanwhile, I thought you might like a sneaky peek at the Phat Phantom-Mobile, parked in its special residents parking bay outside the Phantom Apartment…*

*Not really…

One Comment to “Car Mechanics Again”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I've been using Park Row garage since I moved to Greenwich in 1995.
    I've always received a fantastic service there. They are sensibly priced and I trust Rob and his staff implicitly. On 2 occasions in recent years he's had the car in and charged me nothing as the work carried out was quite minor. Where else would you get that ?