Plane Speaking

Sonya’s been kept awake by plane noise and wonders if everyone else is too. She writes:

“As a home owner in Greenwich, I am surprised and troubled by the plane noise over our lovely part of London. I have searched online and have registered my protest on HACAN, Plane Stupid etc. but searching on the internet I cannot find a Greenwich group that are protesting and putting forward the views of residents who strongly oppose the current noise pollution from planes overhead and any increase in the aircraft over Greenwich. Currently the planes start approx 04.30am and last until approx 11.45pm.

LCY now have the go ahead to increase their flights as do Stansted. LHR have proposed a 3rd runway but what could be even worse for Greenwich is the proposed ‘all day take off and landing’ on each of the 2 existing runways at LHR, which is expected to increase capacity for LHR to an extra 60,000 flights per year! And guess what – when you look at the proposed flight path for this new all day flight plan on the 2 existing runways it means of the additional 60,000 flights in and out….. 30,000 flights extra will be over Greenwich!

I am left to wonder if residents here are even bothered as I did mention to one resident a couple of streets away from me (West Greenwich) that I needed double glazing to cope with the plane noise as we are under a flight path…. he looked at me and said seriously ‘what do you mean we are under a flight path’??? Like hello!

Are there any local govt representatives who are fighting this cause? Other councils such as Wandsworth for example have dedicated pages on their website to protest against any increase in plane noise over their Wandsworth residents… Why don’t we have the same?

We are a world heritage site, one that is being widely promoted for the 2012 Olympics, surely our area should not be subjected to the constant onslaught of plane noise?”

We have discussed aircraft noise several times before – and I know a lot of people do get upset about the din – especially helicopters that use us as a holding pattern before getting permission to fly over Canary Wharf and into central London.

I confess that apart from one particular night when what sounded like a chinook but was probably just a police chopper targeting some ne’er-do-well hovered over what was probably Blackheath Standard but might have been Charlton or East Greenwich for what seemed like an hour, I don’t get particularly upset by aircraft noise. I tend to think that if I choose to live in London, within a couple of miles of an airport, what can I expect…

Would I like less noise? Of course. Am I going to fight for it? Probably not. Everyone has a button which brings them out in a red mist, and though I don’t specially care for the racket, my particular buttons are probably more with other aspects of 2012.

But I’m guessing I’m pretty much alone here. I suspect that most people are with Sonya. If my suspicions are correct and I am a lone Phantom, is there such a plane-noise abatement group round here?

I’d be really interested to know just how much of an issue this is for people. Don’t be shy, guys, give it to me straight…

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  1. alex says:

    You are definitely not alone. I sometimes think that I’m living in some kind of Ballardian dystopia where no one else hears the planes but me…