Greenwich Reach

Henrik asks:

“Does anyone know the time schedule for this project, and is it possible to see how the completed property will look like?After more than a year, in spite of all the noise, all there is to see are piles of soil being moved around by a few workers.I understand Dean & Dyball had to finish the river wall, but that was completed long time ago. Isn’t it about time to actually start building something?!?Compared to how quick properties are erected in Canary Wharf, this project seems to be run by a bunch of amateurs.I live in a river facing apartment in St. Davids Square, so I am sick and tired of the noise and view of the ugly building site.”

The Phantom replies:

Hmm. I was only wandering past there a couple of days ago and wondering much the same thing. I would blame it on the credit crunch – except that work appeared to grind to a halt on this ages ago. I have no idea what’s going on – does anyone else?

All the original links I was given seem to be dead now, but I found this which has one of those artists impressions on it. The Broadway Malyan website logs today’s date and tells us consent was granted in 2006 – but doesn’t have a proposed finish date or any extra news.

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