Going Postal

Sorry. Couldn’t resist the dreadful local newspaper-worthy title.

Anonymous is wondering:

” If anyone else has experienced postal problems lately in the Greenwich area?

We’ve had lots and lots of items go astray over the past few weeks (and indeed over the past few years) some of which were rather important.

It’s also difficult to ascertain just how much isn’t being delivered when you’ve not actually posted it. Anyone else have the same problem?”

The Phantom replies:

Join the queue, Anon. My mail over the last six months or so has gone from poor to appalling. I’ve regularly had letters for my next door neighbours (both sides,) letters for my house number in two neighbouring streets, and even totally random mail for different areas of Greenwich. Sometimes it’s entire batches of mail, not just single letters. It’s clearly been happening the other way round, too, as I get people putting my mail through my door, or even knocking, to let me know it’s arrived (and have a moan at the same time.)

I used to have a lovely postie – I knew his name and chatted whenever we met. He gave a great service – to the point where he actually deserved a Christmas box. He got moved because, he told me, that they don’t like postmen to get too friendly with customers. Presumably because they’d get to know where people live and actually deliver to the right house – or, heaven help them, stop to chat and add five minutes to the round. Could it be Health & Safety – if the postie actually knows his clients he might stop to help an old lady up the path, slip himself and get a work-related injury? I have no idea – but I bet it’s something mad like that.

The latest wheeze seems to be writing out the “while you were out…” forms whilst still in the depot and popping them through the letterbox, saving the bother of having to actually carry a parcel to the door. This has happened to me several times when I was actually in – and once when I was right behind the door, so I KNOW the guy didn’t knock, but just walked up and slipped the note through.

Annoyingly, that time, I merely noted that mail had arrived and didn’t see the ‘while you were out” form or I’d have run down the road and called his bluff. I ended up trekking to the sorting office three times in one week – twice being for someone else as they are just never home when the sorting office is actually open.

No, Anon, it’s not just you. It’s a rubbish ‘service.’ And don’t even get me started on the post office in Woolwich Road…


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