East Greenwich Library

Following on from my post earlier today about the turning of Greenwich into a theme park, I’ve just remembered something chilling that was said to me when I went to the ‘consultation’ for the Heart of East Greenwich development. I asked what was to become of East Greenwich Library, since it’s listed but there’s no way it will ever stay as a library once the new development crashes into being.

Now,before I go any further, I don’t actually think it’s a bad thing to move the library into bigger premises. The one we have is hopelessly inadequate – you try and find anything that isn’t a large-print romance or a board book for the under-fives in the current East Greenwich Library – one that’s larger and better-equiped can only be a good thing IMHO.

I had assumed that the building itself, though, would be kept for community use – it was, after all, a gift to the people of Greenwich from Andrew Carnegie. Maybe morphed into more of what it already is – a music centre for Greenwich Community College, which seems like a good idea to me. But the just-out-of-short-trousers youth who had been assigned to field questions like mine, merely grinned and told me, pretty much as a matter of pride, that only the facade of the building is listed and that they can do what they like with the interior.

I asked him what sort of thing they had in mind, but he just shrugged and grinned some more. Personally, if I had been the people who were putting forward the ‘consultation,’ I’d have told him to be a little less smug and a little more vague, but perhaps that shows the contempt they have for local people and, of course, the little farce called ‘consultation’ the developers have to go through in the name of ‘public involvement.’

Luxury flats, anyone?

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