Comedy Small Ads

I’ve long wondered about Sabo, the strange shop-with-nothing-in that lies next door to The Spread Eagle, and which I’m assuming Greenwich Inc. must be desperate to get their paws on, but I’m glad to see is holding out. That particular section of building, with its wonderful pink peeling paintwork, is entitled Albion House for no reason that I can find (like so many of our buildings – no one ever records why things are done.) If anyone knows why this building is called that, I’d love to know.

It’s really rather elegant in spite – or perhaps because – of its slightly scruffy look. Neat, sophisticated windows, cute little shop front, odd contents. What more could you ask? How about a little snigger too?

It’s ostensibly a newsagents, with odd displays in the window, of single magazines such as Homes and Interiors and Private Eye, and fading local greetings cards, backed by a display of gift wrap on clothes airers. Inside, there are more dusty racks of cards and more mags, and although they’re current, they give the impression that this shop has been there since the Ark and probably hasn’t changed since antediluvian times, either.
I just love this place. And Benedict points out that although there always seem to be different people in the shop, there are always a pair of them. Two young ladies, two middle-aged men, two elderly ladies…
He also pointed out something that I hadn’t noticed before, but now stop to enjoy every time I go by. I am pleased to pass the experience on to you…

That section of postcard small ads in the window. Looks pretty standard, doesn’t it. But take another look. Nestled in amongst the real advertisements for second hand guitars and holiday cottages, some wag has tucked in others. Take the top line, for example (you’ll probably have to click on this image to see it properly.)

The parachute is marvellous, but don’t miss the one to the right – a scratchy, blotchy ad for an ink pen. They carry on down the board, and I like to enjoy one or two every time I stop to look. I don’t want to over-gorge on them all at once. I particularly like the ad for the fried egg (ideal for use as a book mark) and the second hand trophy (perfect for anyone called Dave Smith, if memory serves…)

I guess it’s one way to make people look at a postcard display. They’re a bit faded now, but I would love it if new ones were added occasionally.
Let me know your faves…

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