Children’s Parties

Sam asks:

“Do you know any good venues for a kid’s party?
We have tried The Forum (too small) and Shrewsbury House (bit out of the way and only available in the afternoons)We need to fit 60+ in the venue.”

The Phantom replies:

The very thought of 60+ children in one room chills me to the very bones, Sam – you’re a brave woman indeed. But this is also a timely reminder that my Phantom Shindigs page is a little light on the old Kiddies Parties. and could definitely use some expansion.

My first suggestion, the Secret Garden Wildlife Centre in Greenwich Park, is out because of numbers, but Mycenae House might just do you. I’ve also been thinking about Greenwich West Community Centre , which I believe is bigger than the Forum.

But I’m not well-up on children’s party venues and would welcome additions to the page so please chime-in if you have any great ideas.

Good luck with that one, Sam; let me know how you get on. In the meanwhile, I believe ear-plugs are available in most good pharmacies…

One Comment to “Children’s Parties”

  1. Preeti Tyagi says:

    10 Centre in Tarves Way has one big and one small hall. It is next to Greenwich DLR and national rail station. I did my daughter’s 4th birthday party there and it was a hit. You can also hire the staff there for entertainment and decorating the hall. I would however, never suggest to allow them to arrange for food as it was not fresh and was very expensive.

    Hope this is helpful