Changing Places

From the lunchtime news, and from this article Russell sent me it would seem cash-strapped 2012 officials are considering moving some of the Olympic venues in Greenwich.

But before the park protestors pop any champagne corks, perhaps I should point out that it’s the benign gymnastics and badminton tent that’s being given the boot – the one that practically no one objected to, not the events that could potentially cause Greenwich park some damage.

The badminton and gym were to have been held in a temporary arena beside the 02 (why aren’t they using the 02 itself?) It would have been pretty good – a currently unused site with good transport links and in an area where they couldn’t do much more damage to it if they tried. I was actually looking forward to that bit of the London Olympics.

These events are not relocating inside the O2, which would keep it all in the area originally intended, but to Wembley.

Call me a cynic, but this couldn’t possibly be because the back of a tent on Greenwich Peninsula wouldn’t have made much of a TV backdrop and “saving money” (which is admittedly about forty million) by going to glamorous Wembley will please the world’s media, could it? By that jaundiced view, I guess if they were to save some real cash by relocating the Equestrian events to somewhere actually set up for them, they’d have to answer to the TV companies…

The one interesting thing that comes out of this is that when LOCOG tell us that since venues were ‘promised’ at the Olympic bid, they’re somehow set in stone and cannot be changed, they’re just not telling the truth…

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