The Great Coronation Day Mystery

Dave’s lived in Greenwich all his life and he’s recently been raking through a box of old family photos to send to the obligatory cousin-who’s-doing-the-Family-Tree.

Presumably, if Dave’s is anything like my family’s box of un-albumed pictures,the entire collection will consist of fuzzy, unlabelled snaps of elderly ladies in thick glasses, enormous baggy dresses and sensible shoes, wearing black felt hats in the middle of summer and sitting in the back garden of god-know’s-where scowling at the camera with an ice cream, or skinny blokes wearing vests, shorts and tennis shoes, balancing a ball on their noses and pulling a funny face, hastily scribbled on the back “Uncle George, on leave from Korea, ’52.” Who the hell is Uncle George? No one knows.

In fact I have a theory that nobody’s ‘box of family photos’ actually belongs to their own family, that they all got swapped during a giant game of pass-the-parcel in 1967 and that what we have in our lofts actually belongs to a totally different bunch of people.

But back to Dave. He’s found the photo above – or at least part of it – and he’s wondering whether by any remote chance, anyone actually has a complete version. As you can see, it was a professional shot done by Nelson Studios of a street party held for the Coronation in 1953, taken in Pelton Road. Dave’s circled himself – and remembers that the kid laughing next to him was his pal Lawrence Parsons. Dave’s mum’s on the far right.

He’s managed to track down a descendent of the owner of Nelson Studios (originally in Nelson Road) – in Canada – hooray for the internet, but he’s had no luck with the pic. It’s a tall order, asking you guys, but stranger things have been known…

More Pelton Road pics coming our way soon, courtesy of Dave, when I’ll be looking more closely at the history of the estate…

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