Tell The Phantom…

When Benedict sent me this pic, I thought he’d sent me one of his holiday snaps by accident – it looks like Rome or Florence or somewhere else equally exotic. It’s actually the top of St Alfeges, taken this weekend at sunset and it sort of sums up the time of year we’re at. Fabulous weather – the like of which we could only dream in the summer months, but the birds know better. If you look closely, the starlings are gathering. Yes – autumn is drawing in. The mornings are misty-moisty, but the afternoons are glorious. I love this time of year.
Which makes it all the more galling that your Phantom was away this weekend and missed what must have been one of the busiest bunch of fun events we’ve had so far this year. The Cultural Olympiad began, The London Bubble were performing, Bearspace were doing sundry exhibitions, concerts were going on all over the shop – hell – I could even have seen Charlton play for a fiver, I discover from Friday’s GreenwichCard missive, which I’ve only just seen this morning.
Admittedly I had fun getting away this weekend, but I can’t help feeling that I really missed out on good stuff back in Greenwich.
So, for a change, I’m not going to write about things I’ve done, but ask you what YOU did. Did you go to any of the events? Were they any good? Do you have any pics I can see?
I’d love to hear about what I missed. I like to torture myself…

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