Speakers Anonymous

Once again I have to apologise for the delay in replying to the post bag – it is, as always, wonderful to hear from you – but I’m getting a bit behind in replying. Sorry.

Matt has been telling me about Meridian Speakers – a local group I like the look of. They’re a bunch of people who get together every other week to try to get better at public speaking.

He tells me:

“We’ve got a pretty diverse membership which includes people who are downright scared of speaking in public and are trying to boost their confidence, through to quite accomplished speakers (often people start off as the former and become the latter!)”

They meet upstairs at the Spanish Galleon pub and they look like they’re fun. I guess you could just learn to give better presentations at work (yawn) but they look like they’re something a bit more than that. I suspect some of them might end up as after-dinner speakers or even don the white tie and red jacket ensemble and become toastmasters.

They welcome guests, and tomorrow night, 23rd September, they’re having their annual “Humorous Speaking Competition” between 6.45pm and 9.00pm. No need to book, you can just turn up, though I don’t know whether it’s all-comers for the competition. Probably need to book yourself in or something. Whatever – check them out here. Oh – and did I mention it’s yet another fab FREE thing to do in Greenwich…

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