Nosey-Hole at the Cutty Sark

Folks – Simon’s told me about a brand new viewing window at the Cutty Sark. It’s on the west side, in the middle, and it’s not always open – I went there on both Friday and Saturday specifically looking for it and couldn’t find it, but the door was open today. It’s the white door right in the middle of the blue wall.

The door goes through to a teeny tiny shop with the usual tea towels, kiddies’ t-shirts and a really rather nice-quality model of the ship at the astonishing price of £9.99 (British-made too…) and a big glass window, through which you can spy – well – not very much, as yet. The wraps are still firmly on, and all you can really do is spot intriguing movement from behind the tarps, but as the work goes on, and the sheeting comes off it will get more interesting.

As will Simon’s own webcam, from which I pinched the above pic (hope you don’t mind, Simon…) He lives in the flats opposite and has most generously set up a 24-hr camera so that we can watch proceedings without actually being there. At the moment it suffers from similar problems to the viewing window – those tarps are fairly impermeable to the naked eye, but as soon as they’re off, it will be great.

My favourite bit is the first FAQ –

Q: “All I can see is a grey blob! What’s wrong?
A: There’s a pigeon on the window sill.

Rock on, Simon. Thanks for sharing the view…

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