London Bubble – Down But Not Out

Folks – things Chez Phantom are getting complicated, and I’m not going to make this one – but I really feel you should know about it.

Remember back to February when the Arts Council decided to pull funding from the London Bubble Theatre Company because – well, as far as I can see it wasn’t enough up its own arse? We all feared the distinctive theatre was going to become extinct.

But no. They’ve rallied round. They received interim support from the Arts Council – and some more cash from Southwark (nothing from Greenwich, I note) and, although they’ve had to slice away at jobs and the park programme seems to be dead, they’re coming up with other shows, one of which is happening over the next week or so.

I have absolutely no idea what Urban Dreams will entail, but with Jonathan Petherbridge at the helm, you can guarantee that it won’t be what anyone expects anyway. Masks puppetry, projection and music – plus 150 Londoners. It might be rubbish. But it could just be really good.

It’s certainly free. And you don’t have to book. So if you’re looking out of your window this evening and thinking you’d like to go out, hotfoot it down to the Laban Centre for 7.30pm. And if that’s too far for you to go, it will reach Cutty Sark Gardens next Sunday 28th. Find more details here.

Oh – and if you make it do let me know what you think…

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