Greenwich Wheel

Looking back through the last few posts I’ve realised I’m in danger of turning into the Phantom Grouch, so today, I’m only going to post things I like.

So – for starters, if you haven’t been down to the Greenwich Wheel yet, and you happen to hold a GreenwichCard (if you don’t, why not? These things cost a couple of quid and pay for themselves very quickly indeed) you can get two-for-the-price-of-one on Mondays – so try to get down there today. The rest of the time you get 10% off with a Greenwichcard.

I have no real idea why the Wheel doesn’t seem to have been very popular (I may be wrong, but whenever I pass it there seems to be virtually no one on board.) It’s a great ride, with fantastic views. Perhaps it’s the combination of the bog-awful weather we’ve had this year and the fact that its big brother is just down the road. I guess if you’re a tourist and you’re only going to take one Big Wheel ride, you’re going to choose the Eye. Other places that have had a Ferris wheel – like Manchester and York – don’t have the choice.
If you ask me, after the fight they had to put this on, and after what can only be so-so returns, I doubt the wheel will be back, much as I would welcome it with open arms (and as for it being an eyesore – I think it’s beautiful, especially when it’s lit up at night.) So if you want to see Greenwich from above, with the wonky ORNC building, the views of Vanbrugh Castle, the Observatory etc, then don’t count on the viewing room at Borough Hall being open in the near future while that nasty management company’s in charge. Get down to Cutty Sark Gardens fast. It’s only on until September 28th.

With a bit of luck the sky will be a bit less threatening than when I snapped this…

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