Free Stuff Going On

I’ve been getting behind with the Parish News recently, guys. Much of this is down to people sending me whopping great press releases of which I can’t make head nor tail, let alone cut and paste neatly. Please remember if you want me to list your event that I can’t do very much with funky graphics or PDFs. It may seem to you that it looks attractive – and it does on paper – but on screen it’s an awful lot of work to translate into a listing and it gets me behind.

OK – grumble over. Because I am behind, and there’s good stuff going on over the next week or so, I thought I’d mention my favourites.

1) I already mentioned this – but the London Bubble are doing some incredible spectaculars called Urban Dreams over the next week or so. They reach Cutty Sark Gardens next Sunday.

2) This weekend 20th/21st is Open House Weekend. I singularly failed to get any of our favourites opened, I’m afraid, folks, but I’ll keep trying for next year. In the meanwhile there’s other exciting places being opened free all over the capital.

3) The Mish Mash band – a local blues outfit – will be playing from 3.00pm at the Star & Garter next Sunday 28th.

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