Comings and Goings On Trafalgar Road

Methers has just spotted the dodgy-looking bar under the Plaza looks just about to open. But will it feature the much talked-about pole dancing? It’s unclear as yet.

But I have a theory. The council’s so Olympics-crazy just now, I’m beginning to wonder whether they misheard when they were asked for the licence – and thought the club wanted to put on pole-vaulting. Now that would be a novel idea, though perhaps unwise in a basement…
I did note that the ex-Chinese restaurant upstairs from it is now up for sale as an ‘investment opportunity’ for a luxury apartment. “Plenty of wardrobe space for dirty macs…”

By the by – did anyone actually see the amusement arcade’s sign before it lost half its letters – or did it always advertise AMU ENTS? I don’t recall it ever having the requisite number of letters.
Methers also noted the new shop that’s opened where the rudest cobbler in London Town closed a couple of months ago. I can’t really tell what it sells – whether it’s antiques/curios or gifts or even upmarket junk – I haven’t been in yet, but the selection of phones in the window is a bit of an eye-popper, and it lends a spot of brightness to an otherwise drab row.

That shoe mender may have been the rudest man on earth, but I do now face a small problem. Where in Greenwich can you buy bootlaces these days (the sort you put in your shoes, not the sort Mr Humbug sells, natch…)

One thing’s for certain. Trafalgar Road isn’t sitting still. Shops are opening, even if not all of them are quite what some people would choose. La Salumeria’s opening a cafe in the back; the Trafalgar Cafe is now reopened after making itself smaller (to shoehorn a flat upstairs – probably worth more than the entire business.) Maybe things are looking up?

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