Back to School

There’s a definite Autumnal feel to the air. Of course we haven’t had the greatest summer ever, but even so, as from yesterday when I couldn’t even see Canary Wharf, there’s something different going on. Something wet, something crisp, something yellow. The sun’s out, but it’s a different sun. It’s a back-to-school sun. Sharp, harsh, fresh.

I always have a rush of optimism at this time of year. It’s probably that new-term, new-Phantom thing, but all the same it’s as pungent to me as New Year.

I’m back, folks. And with a rush of excitement for what’s to come…

I’m told there’s a new bakery opened – something I’ve been hoping for for a long time – I’m be getting down there as soon as possible to check it out. I’ve also heard on the grapevine that the guys at La Salumeria in Trafalgar Road, after having the business up for sale for what must be about a year now have decided to give it another go, add a cafe at the back and keep the place open. I have a feeling their coffee will be worth a visit.

Greenwich Theatre have a programme that actually makes me want to go this season (as opposed to the last one which I found highly uninspiring) and the Picturehouse continues to come up with fab things and new ideas. There are events at the Old Royal Naval College, and new exhibitions to enjoy.

Ok – so there are a few things about which we need to at least be thinking – the developments at the market, for example, which are slinking through planning almost without notice, and the Olympics Equestrian Events concerns rumble on – but they are for Tomorrow.

Today – today, I’m full of the joys of Autumn. All can be enjoyed. All can be talked about. All can be achieved…

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