Unique Collections

Trevor asks:

“Wonder if you can tell me what has happened to the little toy/model shop that used to be near the Cutty Sark along Greenwich Church St and whether theres any info on its history on your website – I remember the shop being there on a school trip to the Cutty Sark back in 1982 and I’ve always popped in when ive visited Greenwich ever since – to me it became as much of a Greenwich landmark as the Cutty Sark itself. Unfortunately after a trip to Greenwich yesterday I was saddened to see that it seems to have been replaced by a toddlers clothing shop.”

The Phantom replies:

I think you mean Unique Collections- a wonderfully dusty old toy and medal shop – it sold firemen’s helmets and ancient medals alongside dinky toys and model Thunderbirds, and it seemed to be located in another century.

Sadly, it pretty much was – it closed in, I believe, somewhere around 2003/4 if memory serves. I was deeply saddened to see it go – and unable to get much excited by its replacement. But such is life. I don’t know the full story of what happened – I suspect it’s the familiar tale of rising rents and falling customer base. I am sure that someone here will know what happened who can dish the dirt…

HOWEVER. I have been doing some digging and I have found that they are still going, albeit online these days. So if you’re trying to find that extra special dinky toy, tin soldier or model robot, try visiting their website. You can even visit them by appointment – though they’re in Chipstead, Surrey, these days…

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