A brave Har-Gibeng asks:

“I am keen to get any inside Phantom knowledge on the tattoo palour on Trafalgar Rd, near the Tesco Metro. Any reviews good or bad? Friendly?”

The Phantom replies:

Ooooh – what’cha going to get? I think you should get a nice tattoo of General Wolfe’s Statue on your belly so that you can make the Phantom ‘dance’….

Seriously? I’m afraid I don’t know, though I always have a peek in whenever I go by (fab tiles outside, it, aren’t there…) It is all wonderfully gothic-looking with a Sweeney Todd (blush) chair and everything, and it’s been there for years, which at least means that no one’s sued them out of business. It slightly bothers me that if you were really so inclined it seems you could stand outside and watch – I’d want it done in private (mainly so no one could see me crying) but then I guess you have to be a bit of an exhibitionist to get a tattoo done in the first place ;-)

It looks absolutely fine – but to be honest I really haven’t a clue.

Can anyone help Har-Gibeng? Do you have any experience of the tattoo shop? Tell me all about it.

One Comment to “Tattoo-You”

  1. Dana says:

    The guys/girl in there are really friendly and the work is top! I had my tattoo done there 2 years ago and was happy with the work, the shop and the price! Can only recommend it.