Rear Window (10)

I just love this shot, sent to me by 11 year-old Jake. It is, of course, East Greenwich Pleasaunce, which would make Jake’s place somewhere in Chevening or Annandale Roads.
What a fantastic thing to look out on every morning. I remember a few years back when I decided that I really needed to get fit and enthusiastically started a 6.00am exercise regimen in the Pleasaunce. My enthusiasm for the project naturally didn’t last very long at all, but one of the only nice things about the whole experience was seeing the park so still and beautiful (and surprisingly populous) at that time of day.
There is something almost magical about the place. Perhaps it’s the quirky gravestones; perhaps it’s that wonderful combination of the well-loved and the still relatively unknown.
I notice that it’s just won a Green Flag award, and rightly so. It’s wonderful.
What I really love about this picture is the use of the window as a frame for the subject – with photography like that, I do hope you entered the FoGP’s photography competition recently, Jake…

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