Oooh What A Whopper…

Blogger-after-my-own heart Ian has just pointed me in the direction of a GIANT new development to be on the Peninsula, designed by Patel Taylor.

It’s described as “mixed use,” which in Estate Agent Lingo translates as “luxury flats with unused retail space on the ground floor.”

Ian says “With the tower element called The Meridian Tower after the nearby international dateline, it rises to 122 metres AOD and 32 storeys, the scheme has been developed by Peninsula Quays Ltd to stand on Plot NO602.”

You can see it here. It really does seem that anything goes on the Peninsula. I didn’t think they were allowed to build anything really tall because of London City Airport but maybe 122 metres doesn’t count as ‘tall’ any more…

Of course, given that building everywhere seems to have slowed to a trickle, I’m not convinced this is something that’s going to happen overnight.

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