Heart of East Greenwich Report

Andrew has just sent me a fascinating link to a report by CABE with their suggestions to improve the design of the proposal for The Heart of East Greenwich (AKA the old hospital site.)

CABE is The Commission for Architecture and Built Environment which acts as the government’s advisor (read “Jiminy Cricket”) on new urban projects. As far as I can tell, they look at projects from the point of view of those who will be using the spaces/buildings/facilities and make grass-root suggestions to make them better – both to use and to look at.

As far as I can see pretty much every suggestion they make seems to be solid and positive. Much of it leans towards the “could try harder” angle, but in most cases it at least points the would-be developer in the right direction. Personally I would have liked to see more suggestions limiting the amount of traffic spilling into the immediate area – but CABE at least makes a fist at channelling the traffic in a sensible manner.

Sadly they have no kind of enforcement facility – “we do not make statutorily binding decisions (although we are a statutory body)” but since they come from within the government maybe, just maybe, there’s an outside chance that they will be listened to, even if only a little bit.

See the very sensible suggestions here and hope that they will have some impact where those of us locals who commented don’t appear to have any at all.

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