Westcombe Park Car Park

What the hell is going on at Westcombe Park Station? The whole of the north side is more or less closed off – just a tiny little alley to get you down to Westcombe Hill – the other cut-through’s closed off.

Last time I walked through there, a few weeks ago, the trees had all been (most inexpertly) cut down to about chest height, the bits and branches all left all over the area between the houses and the path, as a perfectly place for rodents large and small to make their homes. There was a miserable-looking householder there, just standing, staring at the mess, his house now on full display to the world.

But from what I can see it’s going to get worse. I’m beginning to feel quite guilty for pointing out that sweet little patch of green between the railway lines and the houses on the north side. For heaven’s sake – I thought it would make nice allotments – not a sodding car park, which is what appears to be happening from what I could see last night.

The little road has been used as an unofficial car park for years now – where the old station office used to be and over those rather cute little cobbles – one 4×4 which never seemed to move, even managed to make its way over that hump of old flytipped mattresses that got covered with weeds and ended up looking more like an Anglo-Saxon burial mound (maybe we could have pretended it WAS an Anglo Saxon burial mound and claimed an amnesty for the mattress-pile…) I don’t have much of a problem with making it official, if they really must.

But now it would seem that the fence has been broken down and there are track-marks into that little welcome patch of greenery.

Are they really going to tarmac it over? Surely not? It’s tiny, for heaven’s sake. It could only accommodate half a dozen cars at best – I wouldn’t have thought the revenue would be worth it. And it would create a serious security risk for the houses there. If I lived there I’d be furious.

But maybe I’m jumping the gun here. There was no one at the station to ask whether or not this really will be turned into a car park. But I wouldn’t put it beyond South Eastern Trains. Does anyone know? Are we just about to lose yet another little patch of green to the dreaded concrete?

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