Wedding Transport

Blimey – a wedding question I haven’t been asked yet!

Christina asks:

“Can you think of any weird or funky or both, transport options,other than a fleet of mini cabs, to take a wedding party at 11pm on September 13th from the Queen’s House, up to Coleraine Road.

Could be up to 80 people so relay trips might be ther order of the day?”

The Phantom replies:

You can get 80 people in your house? Wow! I once managed 20 goths I’d never met before after the fireworks on Blackheath but that was a squeeze – and a whole other story…

Hmm. Interesting/weird/funky, eh… How about a fleet of white cabs? There are several companies who provide the service – and it would certainly look quite stunning.

In fact a fleet of practically any kind of car looks quite good – the impact is in the numbers. Some friends of mine used a fleet of Reliant Robins. I’m not sure whether that counts as funky or just plain weird.

Would a double-decker bus get up Coleraine Road? There’s a lot of parked cars but it might just do it.

It’s an odd journey in that it’s a bit hilly and, although not that far, a little awkward. Car relays for 80 guests might take a long while.

The Queen’s House to Coleraine Road isn’t that far – you could take a marvellous walk through the park, led by the Bride & Groom, natch, – even, perhaps, ask about ‘chartering’ the tiny train to take revellers up the steep bit. Perhaps you could arrange for some “happenings” along the way through the park – a group playing instruments, or reading poems or something.

I wonder whether you might just arrange some lovely transport – a horse and carriage or something similarly glorious for the people that couldn’t manage the walk, so that they feel special too, and get everyone else to take Shanks’s Pony. You could arrange a job lot of white umbrellas with your wedding names and dates on them as keepsakes just in case!

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