Tapas Time

Hannah wants to know:

Is there a decent tapas restaurant in Greenwich?

I still need to do some work here, as although I’ve tried San Miguel (and I love the extremely kitsch decor) it was on my own, sad Phantom that I am. Tapas is not to be consumed alone so I had the paella. I wasn’t wildly impressed but I was told that the regular chef was away. I keep meaning to get a posse together to try it properly.

One place I frankly don’t have much time for is the Organic Tapas Bar at the Picturehouse. I’ve eaten there a few times and they’ve either been very slow indeed, missed out dishes or brought completely different ones (or a mixture of the above.) I also worry about the amount of cream slathered over everything. I find myself wondering what’s underneath that they have to coat it all so thickly.

One place you might like to try, albeit in next-door Charlton is Cattlelya in Charlton Church Street. It’s a tiny little place and although I’m not convinced that their idea of registering Thai-Med food as a trademark wasn’t just a tad OTT (it’s less a fusion between two cuisines than two different sections of a menu – half Thai, half classic tapas) it’s all very tasty, served pleasantly and ridiculously cheap. Go there on alternate Sundays for acoustic blues music. The trick is working out which alternate Sunday. Check here.

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