Saucy Greenwich

No – not the sort you get at The Golden Chippy…

Benedict and I have been discussing the purpose of the VIP podule on the wheel (it’s got five stars, you know…)

I said that I didn’t really get it, since it had smoked glass when surely the whole point of an observation wheel was to get the best view possible. He told me that Mrs Benedict thought perhaps it was for a bit of hanky-panky.

I confess I find this a flawed plan – I mean for starters, don’t they have glass bottoms? I’d find it very off-putting knowing that a bunch of herberts waiting for the ‘ordinary’ pods were looking right up my cloak. Besides. The whole thing only lasts about 12-15 minutes. A ‘bit’ is pretty much all the hanky-panky you’d get.

Which got me to thinking. A few months ago, we discussed the most romantic venues in Greenwich. Now I’d like to hear your suggestions for the most – how shall we put it – ‘discreet’ places in town…

Where would you go for a spot of what the Americans so quaintly call “making-out?”

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