Rubbish Maggots

Angie has a problem that may be familiar to many of us regarding the two-weekly collection of ‘black-bin’ rubbish:

“Although there is only a small amount of general rubbish we are having a horrible time with maggots as the rubbish is sitting in the sun for two weeks. Does anyone have any ideas?”

The Phantom doesn’t, really. Other than trying to keep it in the shade (presumably a no-no or you’d have already done it) yours is probably a common problem.

I tend to keep my organic rubbish in the fridge until the last minute to prevent extra ‘cooking’ (though of course that was always a problem before the new bin regimen – the downside being that I sometimes forget to put the fridged stuff out…) but you can’t do that with general rubbish. No. Sorry. No clue.

Maybe someone should write a book “Zen and the Art of Garbage Control.” First lesson. Be grateful you’re not in Naples…

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