Rathmore Benches Update

I’m feeling just a little smug just now. Remember the Rathmore Benches? Those beautiful, snaking mosaics in Charlton that must have once glowed like jewels and now look a little patchy to say the least?

Well I just got an email from Carol from Greenwich Mural Workshop who tells me that thanks to my reminding them (i.e. banging on about them being really shabby-looking) they have just successfully applied to Awards for All for a grant to repair these lovely works of art. The work will be going on in August and September, so we should have sparkling-fresh restored benches by October.


Carol also tells me “In addition we will be running a short course for young people from 10 years upwards for 8 days from 18th August to 29th August in mosaic production and as part of this course will be producing a new panel for the exterior of the building. The course is also being supported by Greenwich Youth & Play Services.”

She doesn’t mention how to get involved in these workshops but I guess an email to her from their website (above) should do the trick. I’m just hoping the budget stretches to a tin of paint for the building itself. Whoever thought Battleship Grey was a good colour for a Youth Club? I’m guessing not Greenwich Mural Workshop…

But hurrah for regenerating the regeneration. If only a few other projects that were done in good faith but that have fallen by the wayside could be similarly resurrected.

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