Painting The Town Blue

Ok – this has to be one of the most obscure questions I’ve ever been asked. Helen asks:

“This may sound faintly ridiculous but is worth a try…….I live in one of the houses on Burney Street and need to repaint my front fence (the whole terrace is painted blue) to match the other houses on the street.

I know that the blue is a particular blue used around Greenwich but am drawing a blank on finding the name of the blue. I see you have references on your site to blue paint in Greenwich (I do? – TGP) and wondered if you have any idea of the name of the blue paint (or indeed where I can find out)?”

The Phantom hasn’t a clue. Maybe someone here knows of Burney Street Blue (if there isn’t such a thing, then someone should create one…) but in the absence of a blue-monger giving you the precise colour, my suggestion would be that you visit a paint store (or B&Q if you really must) and pick up a mitt-full of Dulux’s colour-match charts.

They reckon that they can match any colour and while I have not found this to be totally true, they’re not bad. They have dozens of little slips of paper with various shades on them – about six colours on each. Pick up a wad of likely-looking colours and, at the risk of looking suspiciously shifty, go and hold a few up to your neighbours’ fences. You should be able to very nearly match it.

Get a decent make, ensuring that it’s suitable for exterior work and making sure they mix it properly (I had a pot the other day that was decidedly streaky… oh – and don’t necessarily go for the pricey posh paints – the ones I’ve tried really aren’t all they’re cracked up to be) and prepare well and you’ll have no problem at all.

One more Phantom Painting Tip gained from sorry experience. Avoid doing it on a really hot day – the paint goes off too fast and ends up looking patchy or sometimes even puckering in the heat.

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