Lunch Date

Lizzy asks:

“Five work colleagues and I are visiting Greenwich next week. Do you have any suggestions about where we can find a delicious lunch? We’re not well paid work colleagues so value for money is a must.”

The Phantom replies:

I have to say it’s much tougher than it once was to find really great good-value luncheries in the centre of town. My fave place for cheap snacks, The Meeting House is now a nasty tourist trap, and sadly tourist-traps are what Greenwich excels in.

Royal Teas serve simple, tasty snacks, and if the weather’s nice you can sit outside. Ditto Peter de Witts in Greenwich Church Street- a tiny place which has an even tinier garden at the back. If you like Thai food, I am a big fan of Kum Luang. It’s uncomplicated, reasonable and friendly.

Avoid both Tai Won Mein and Noodle Time like the plague – they may be cheap but they are most definitely not delicious. I don’t have much time for any of the many Tex-Mex places either.

Pub lunches are probably your best bet. I love The Plume of Feathers and always enjoy The Yacht though if you’re looking for a view, you may choose the slightly pricier Trafalgar Tavern.

I seem to be having a bit of brain ache just now – I’m blanking badly – but I know that everyone will chip-in with the ones I’ve forgotten…

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