Katja asks:

“Can you or anyone else recommend laundry/dry cleaning services in Greenwich, which do duvets as well?”

The Phantom replies:

I can never quite remember what it’s called (I think it’s something original like “Greenwich Dry Cleaners”) but the one along Woolwich Road, opposite the old hospital site is the one I always go to. The guy can often be seen sitting in the window, doing repairs on his ancient sewing machine, a large rack of colourful reels of thread behind him. He has never done anything other than a very good job on my dry cleaning and duvets, though, bless him, I always say hello and he never remembers who the hell I am, despite my being a regular. No matter. He’s friendly and his prices are good. Never tried his repairs, but he seems to be popular. He must get terribly hot in there – it’s South-facing and those places are warm at the best of times.

I had a miserable time the day I decided to get some pillows done on a service wash at The Launderette in Trafalgar Road. I don’t recommend it. A shame, since it looks like something out of Eastenders and I was hoping to have found a gem.

Anyone else got a pet dry cleaners?

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