Last Night’s Meeting…

…of the FoGP.

Ok – so who was there? Hands up – I wasn’t. But Noel was and he notes:

A good couple of hundred people in a hot lecture theatre in Greenwich Uni.. One comment from a local Labour Councillor left me in no doubt that there will be no support from the Council whatsoever (call that representation? how do these jokers ever get elected?).

The decision really seemed to be about whether you trusted the Authorities not to do something stupid, or not. Unsurprisingly most seemed not to trust them. LOCOG have allowed ‘myths’ to circulate due to their lack of communication so it will be interesting to see whether these stirrings will make any difference to that.

Actually as someone pointed out, it was classic white English middle-class stuff. Everyone being keen to point out how well meaning, if slightly misguided, everyone else was. All jolly polite, and it would have been entirely unsurprising if we had suddenly broken for an interval of cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches. Needed a bit more of the Swampy element to really rattle the authorities I think.”

What do YOU think? Are the promises we’ve had so far from LOCOG enough to let us relax – or do we need to actually see physical plans?

Don’t forget that there will be an extraordinary general meeting of the Westcombe Society on Saturday morning. It’s members-only – so get joining now if you want to attend.

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