Helicopters Again

I’m feeling a bit lazy recently – I seem to have been allowing everyone else to write my content for me – but sometimes things are just so interesting I need to pop them in. Today, for example, I’m handing a mystery over to “K” who experienced strange happenings in Greenwich Park on Sunday night…

He writes:

“Last night (July 27th) I went to bed just before midnight and after initially falling asleep was awakened at about 1:30 am (this morning 28th) by the noise of a low flying helicopter over Greenwich Park, with a searchlight on, which is where it stayed until sometime after 4am.

I rang the park and they knew nothing about it. They referred me to the Met Police.

I rang the Metropolitan Police and they knew nothing about it. They referred me to Greenwich Police.

I rang Greenwich Police who were initially hugely reluctant to give any information at all, but who did ring back to say that a helicopter had been up from 03:19- 03:27.

This does not match with my observation.

1)Was anyone else kept awake by this invasive noise for an excessive amount of time?

I know the emergency services have a job to do and frankly I don’t mind paying the price of the odd broken night for the good it does in the general scheme of things. But I do think almost 3 hours of hovering about is excessive and unnecessary in the extreme at this hour of the night.

Trying to determine just who it was up there was not easy.

Did you know there is no one place, agency or body that regulates or accounts for all helicopter flights over London? (Two different police forces and the Greenwich Park office ALL told me that when I asked)

And unlike airplanes, apparently they don’t each have to file a flight plan either. (Again I enquired of this of all three of the above agencies) Or if they do, none of the three agencies that I contacted knew anything about it or how to find out.

Can anyone out there in Phantom Land lend any more credible information????”

The Phantom is curious. I’m mildly surprised that they don’t have to file flight plans – I have a pal who’s a helicopter pilot and he had to leave our place early on Saturday evening so he could compile a flight plan for Sunday morning – though of course he’s civilian. It was also necessary as helicopters fly at the same height as the airship just now and we don’t want any accidental pops.

If it was the MOD (and we get a lot of them) I doubt they’d cough up a plan even if it were required and the police – well, aren’t they the ones who’d have to compile such reports?

I certainly didn’t hear any such helicopter activity – but I’m too far away from the park to have really noticed it. Did anyone else hear anything?

What I AM hearing at the moment is the practicing for the Red Bull Air Race. Might see if I can get over there at some point to watch, since I missed out on the free ticket bunfight…

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