Greenwich Wildlife (3)

Third in the Wildlife series, today I bring you Olly’s picture of a heron who’s been hanging around the river Ravensbourne, just beyond Brookmill Park. As Olly points out, “it’s nice to see something completely unexpected sandwiched between built up, busy residential areas.” Watch out pond owners, though. Goldfish are a favourite delicacy…

Benedict, on the other hand, has a mystery for us. He tells me “I can’t identify these birds with my Tony Soper Book of British Birds . They are about 9 inches tip to tail and hop around on both legs while grubbing for bug stuff on the ground.I sometimes see them on the lawns by the Queens House.”

Now, I am no birder, Phantom or otherwise, but I’m guessing that this chirpy little fellow is a mistle thrush, which proves that some things you learn when you’re a kid do stick. I had a picture book with about ten birds in them which I loved so much I learned them off by heart. I could be wrong. But hey – who cares? He’s a cutie..

One last question – can anyone help me? I’ve been sent Picasa web album pics by various people which I’m having trouble downloading. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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