Greenwich Wildlife (1) The Kestrel

Thanks to Dazza, I’m starting yet another occasional series today, Greenwich Wildlife. By that I don’t mean, of course, the sort found around the Creek Road Wetherspoons on a Friday night. That’s pond life…

No what I’m talking about is the Real McCoy – the birds, animals and insects we can see around these parts.

Dazza set the ball rolling by spotting a Kestrel on a roof in Dandridge Close. He reminds me that there was a breeding pair around the Dome some years back (I vaguely remember them being ‘featured’ in Zane Radcliffe’s London Irish) though this one is a juvenile (Dazza says you can tell by the way it doesn’t have the grey head of the adult, though to me it’s the fluffy feathers that give it away.)

I know nothing about kestrels, but I’m mighty glad that they’re around. They’re beautiful birds – and who knows – they might be able to do something about the exploding mouse population down my way (beautiful little creatures; dreadfully destructive.)

Actually I just read that back. The idea of exploding mice is just wrong. Sorry…

Any more sightings on interesting animals/birds/whatever? Tell me about it – or send me pics – I always like pics – even of mice…)

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