Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ruth asks:

“Know any good places for a spot of brekkie on a Sunday?”

The Phantom replies:

If you’re sticking to Greenwich, then either Royal Teas or Peter de Wits will be excellent choices. As regular readers will know only too well, the selection at Royal Teas is limited, but what it is allowed to serve is very tasty indeed. I like the tiny courtyard at Peter de Wits on a Sunday, where I can dissect a broadsheet in peace – often, despite the throngs of tourists just a few yards away, alone. Up the road from Royal Teas, Buenos Aires is great for coffee and a pastry, but I’m not convinced they do proper breakfast.

I have eaten brunch at the Bar du Musee – it’s ok – nothing to write home about, but good if you’re in a large group.

If you’re over at Blackheath, either for a visit to the Farmers Market or to listen to a Sunday morning concert at the Blackheath Halls, there are two brilliant places, though neither is palatial and you have to take your chances as to whether you’ll get a seat.

Hand Made Foods has a fabulous selection of breakfasty-type stuff available – choose either their breakfast menu, or take your pick from the glorious sweet and savoury pastries in the window. It’s frustrating and enchanting in equal quantities in that the amount of space in which to eat is tiny – exclusive, but often just not to be had. Things have got a bit better since they opened upstairs but you still need to check there will actually be somewhere to scoff your food before you order (unless you do it as a takeaway and eat it on the heath if it’s sunny.)

Boulangerie Jade, a couple of doors up, is a very good alternative – possibly even better if you’ve a sweet tooth, though personally I always try Hand Made Foods first.

All the above do good coffee, but the new kid on the block if you’re looking for superb coffee (and nothing else- they don’t do food) is the fabulous New Zealand-style Beehive inside what was Flying Duck. I still have high hopes that he’ll step into the shoes of glorious 1960s-o-rama, the much-lamented Coffee Cellar, managing in two strokes, to resuscitate retro icon and provide just a little seating…

I’m sure readers have other good suggestions for Sunday brunches…

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