A Decent Chinese?

Neil is a worried man. He says:

I was pretty dismayed to see Blackheath’s Laughing Buddha has shut up shop after 25 years of trading. A while back we also had the much-missed Treasure of China in the centre of Greenwich, but now we just have the tourist fodder of Noodle Time and similar even-faster-food establishments. Is there anywhere in the area offering quality Chinese food these days? I know only of Mr Chung’s, which is impossible to park outside even if you’re just picking up a takeaway.

The Phantom agrees.

It was a sad day when I walked past that golden belly and saw that Laughing Buddha was no more. And we have bloomin’ little other choice. Frankly I wouldn’t even put Noodle Time as being good enough to be counted “tourist fodder” – I’d say that was far too kind. Now the execrable Pizza Luna and the unaccountably-awful Alamo have gone, IMHO it’s slid into second position for “worst restaurant in Greenwich,” just behind Tai Won Mein which defies description (from me, at least.)

But onto the good stuff. Yes, Mr Chung is very good indeed. Parking isn’t great, granted, but there’s always Christchurch Way opposite – not ideal, but do-able. The other place that always was good was the Peninsula restaurant at Holiday Inn – an unlikely setting, I’ll grant you. They get very, very packed out for the weekend lunchtime dim sum. I have heard rumours that it is no longer what it once was, but I haven’t been for a while. I would welcome opinions from anyone who’s been recently.

To be honest I haven’t done nearly as thorough job of testing Chinese restaurants and takeaways as I have with Indian (I just love curry…) so please pitch-in here and give Neil some ideas…

3 Comments to “A Decent Chinese?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    after 7yrs living in greenwich and having given up on trying to order a nice chinese takeaway for the last three, we've just had a 'mr chungs' takeaway on the back of the comments on this post….

    this place has totally given my chinese tastebuds a renaissance – all the food was absolutely delicious and fresh with no hint of msg-gloopiness… prawns were fat and fresh, szechuan sauce was indeed spicy as you like, and i've never seen prawn toast with so much prawn. disappointingly the mini-spring rolls were a little too 'mini' but other than that it was all tip top nosh.

    along with everest inn in blackheath i will now be adding mr chungs to my stable of reliable 5* local takeaways.

  2. TJF says:

    Good to hear Mr Chung’s is good. I was recommended it only today by a neighbour who’s a long time resident of Blackheath, so we’ll give it a try.

    As a relatively regular visitor to the Peninsular for Sunday dim sum I can highly recommend it too. It’s had a revamp recently, and despite a smack on the wrists for a kitchen issue earlier in the year, is going strong.

    Service is good, dim sum excellent, and the price just cannot be beaten. Just make sure you get there for 11am or be prepared to wait on-line for a table!