Wheely Happening At Last

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but – well, you know the drill by now. I couldn’t upload any pics. But in a way, it’s quite good. Edith had sent me some pics of Greenwich Observation Wheel on its way up at last, but in the delay, I’ve also had some pics from DC07703 and I’ve been down to look at it myself.

Edith’s pictures are fab, but Blogger’s only letting me upload one of them:

It looks as though each section is being added, then the wheel turned a bit further on. By the time DC07703 got there, the wheel itself was complete, but without its podules. I particularly like this picture as it looks as though they’ve used the Maori Memorial as part of the wheel:

DC07703 made the point that the area’s so covered in trees “that the first 3 mins and the last 3 mins of the 12min trip you’ll be looking into the trees. So It’ll only be 6 mins of views.”

This bothered me a bit, so I thought I’d pop down to check the tree situation for myself. I got down there about 5.00pm and about two thirds of the pods were in place. I took a long look and came to the conclusion that we’ll probably be all right. There are trees, granted, but they’re comparatively low, and at around that point I shall be so excited I won’t notice. And if it’s anything like a wheel I went on in Manchester – it looks exactly the same – then we’ll go round several times anyway.

The Greenwich Foundation website still isn’t owning up to when it will be opening, but my guess would be that they don’t want to miss another weekend, so maybe Friday or even Saturday? See you in the queue…

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